A smart packing list generator. Developed in 48h for the 2014 Rails Rumble. Won the Solo Award and also 4th place among the Overall Winners.

An app where you can easily create and maintain chat bots. Developed in 48h for the 2016 Ruby Rampage. Won the Solo Award.
Drumroll is a minimal gift exchange app. It was motivated by the lack of simple, basic gift exchange apps out there. It aims to be simple in functionality, UI and also implementation, using the most basic Rails approach with minimal JavaScript. It is currently a work in progress, not live in production yet, but the code is open to viewing on Github.
My entry for the 2015 Rails Rumble. It's a social network where people create countdown progress bars for things they are looking forward to and share them with their friends.
Portfolio website for Brazilian musician Daniel Villares. Includes his music, lyrics, social media and contact information. Special focus on his full-length album Catavento, released in 2017.
Previous version of Daniel Villares' website. Focused on his debut EP, Man on the Moon, released in 2014.